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Super Plumber Bros

My first collaboration as ZIGS NOMOON & CLANG AT LAW, Super Plumber Bros was our JAM entry in the 29th Ludum Dare. During the post-compo month, we polished the game to a blinding sheen and then released it on GameJolt.

The original LD48 submission was extremely buggy. It scored 200th place in the humor category, and 700th overall. The post-compo version was more successful, with a community rating of 4.8 and around 400 downloads two weeks into its life.

SPB was released during #glitchjam, coincidentally, and because of its glitch aesthetic it was featured as a “resource” on the jam page. It was also featured on wip.warpdoor, in the early days of that monolith of game curation.

In month two, the game was featured on GameJolt for 24 hours. During this time we received around 1,100 downloads, bringing the total up to nearly 2K downloads. This was overwhelmingly awesome, and resulted in a much more interesting leaderboard spread. At this time several Let’s Play videos were posted on youtube (link, link). No one was able to beat 130 flowers though, and the highest player score at the time of this writing is 81 flowers (held by cael84).

Notably, Super Plumber Bros was the first of my games to include GameJolt API integration. My highscore is 125 flowers, which is probably silly for you to even think about.


A glitchified, multigenerational, mario-troidvania that expands the Mario mythology into dark fantasy territory.

It trully unfolds in front of your eyes,just like candybox. Majestic and gripping.