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Signal was created in puzzlescript for #1GAM in November, 2013. It was featured as a “browser pick” on before being officially released on GameJolt. Thank you to everyone who played it, and thank you even more to everyone who made it to the end.

On Nov 27th 2013, Signal became one of the featured games on the front-page of GameJolt. Over the course of a week, it received ~1000 plays, and a rating of 4.1/5 (24 ratings). I also earned my very first $1 as a professional game developer from GameJolt’s revenue sharing. This pleases me to no end!

On Dec 1st 2013, Signal was written up on by Stephen Lewis. It received a rating of 4.2/5 (21 ratings). This article is also the first place where I’ve seen a complete walk-through of the game. For me, that was a very interesting read.

Signal was made with puzzlescript, which is an exceptional and awesome tool for making puzzles of any complexity. Another amazing benefit of puzzlescript is that it is really easy to “hack” on a project that you like. The first thing I made in puzzlescript was just an extra level for a demake of Closure.

The music for signal was composed by my childhood friend Galen, who is a master of soundscaping.

If you have a clever idea for a Signal level, go ahead and hack it! Let me know, and if I think it rocks I’ll add it to the game.

Dimly Light Rooms

There have been some amazing other PuzzleScript games, but @ArrogantGamer’s “Signal” may be the very best.

Wow, nice game, man! Gonna feature on Jolt. Is it your first?

It feels quite meaty in terms of both the game ideas and the amount of thinking involved for the player to arrive at a solution.

I hate you and love you, your game is awesome but so frustrating!!

Nonethelefzzzzzzhgnal is one of those rare puzzles where not understanding what’s going on might be one of the more exciting moments of playing.