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Shortly after Signal was published on GameJolt, Heiser Saint approached me wanting to remake it with more beautiful assets. We began a 6 month collaboration: a fusion of his technical wizardry and my occasionally helpful advice. Sig.NULL was published on GameJolt on the first of June.

Sig.NULL was written up on RockPaperShotgun by nobody, and by Stephen Lewis on Jay Is Games. In addition, Sig.NULL was the first game I was involved in to be visible on the YouTubes. In particular, I enjoyed Chritro’s 3 part let’s play in which he repeatedly embarrasses himself by continuing to play Sig.NULL (I highly recommend just giving up because it is hard). It was also reviewed by The Indie Update, and featured by VideoGameAddictz.

Also, I would like to mention out that @Permayuyuko actually beat Sig.NULL, which is crazy and is probably something you couldn’t do.

Packets & Drones

the spacebar plays a crucial role