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Death Death Evolution

In Death Death Evolution, there is no escape. You must die to advance. This game proposes a new relationship between the platform jumper and the pits. In later stages I was actively looking for places where I could die in a particular way, in order to unlock the tools I might need later. There are even levels where you can die in irrelevant ways, if you choose to, so that if you want to you can be stingy with death, or feed her to bursting in order to fully ‘power up’.

Nice game: I want more. More different animals, evolution abilities that make more sense (I mean… I fell on spikes and could subsequently break balloons with my head). I think we could take the mechanic of dying for personal gain, switch up the theme a bit, and make a truly golden game about ghosts or reincarnation or something.

I guess that’s what LD24 was all about.